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Just the thing if you have difficulty sleeping

If you have problems getting to sleep most nights I can thoroughly recommend these Sleep Gummies

Super boost

I take my gummies in the morning, especially when I’m in a hurry and might miss out on coffee.. it keeps me going (at least till noon)..

Delighted with gummies

I think I have quite a few different types of your gummies now. I love to mix & match. They are really good and I have recommended them to friends. Will order again soon.

Not a cure but it is a good help

I took these for 2 weeks before seeing a benefit and while they don’t fix my menopause problems they do help - it’s more manageable now.

Very happy

Really happy with the ones I bought . Unfortunately my kids don’t like the kids ones but very happy with the rest and have recommended them to loads of people.

Menopause sleep issues resolved

Issues with waking because I am going through early menopause.
I take 2 before bed. Within 30 minutes I am very sleepy. I no longer lie there tossing abs turning waking my husband. In fact he takes them as his mind works overtime as he works so hard during the day and very long hours. The gummies have really helped him too.
They are a real game changer.
Just be careful as there is no way you can drive as the effects are very fast.
Highly recommend.

rip van winkle

the product seems to work
I am not totally sure yet but i have had some good sleep since I started.
They are much too sweet for my pallet

Sleep Gummies | Fall asleep faster and get better sleep | 21 days

Its simple - it really works

Never have i ever tried a sleep product that works so well. I Love it!!!

Dream gummies

All your products are delicious and effective. I'm happy to use them every day.

Excellent product

Loved my sleepy gummies.
They are a great help as I’m an insomniac. They do cause me to have strange dreams but anything is better than tossing and turning all night. Many thanks.

Lovely products

I’ve several of these products now. I love the one to improve my chances of a tan. They have really helped. Arms are well tanned. Pity the rest of my body is white.
I do like the sleeping gummies.
I will be trying out the rest of my orders. Many thanks.

Great Gummies

Easy to take and delicious. They seem to be helping so far

Great Gummies

These are fantastic and work super well. They don’t feel dangerous that you might get knocked out for 12+ hours.

Great customer service

I do believe Your products are the change. Thanks for the endorsment 👽❤️

They work!!

Bought these for my son who has trouble falling asleep. But not any longer, he takes two half an hour before bedtime, and falls easily asleep and does not wake up until they next Morning well rested and ready for a new day. Lifesaver!

Sleeping Beauty

It's funny, I did not think I had a problem sleeping, but had an issue of tiredness. Found that after taking one of your sleep gummy's I woke up feeling less fatigued and with more energy, after less sleep. Highly recommend to anyone that feels tired after a nights sleep. xx


Work but only mildly hope there are better when I finish them

Doesn’t work for me

Took two, felt nothing, took one more still nothing, then took 3 more before finally feeling something and nodding off to sleep at around 3:30am. Took the first two at around 11:45pm

I am altering my review to reflect the wonderful customer service!

Love it

I am absolutely in love with the tanning gummies. Even with a very sad summer in The Netherlands I could maintain my tan for several weeks and as soon as it’s sunny I get tan way faster and more uniformly. I’m on my third one already, really recommend it and will definitely take prior and during may next vacations ☀️☀️

Love these gummies

Arrived quickly and definitely helps me sleep. I hope to try the other ones soon.

Love these

Really help me sleep every night

Miracle in a pot

I take a couple of Sleep Gummies and start reading. Within about 30 minutes I find I am unable to keep my eyes open anymore and drift off to sleep easily. Fabulous product and they taste great too.

I did get it I really enjoying these gummy

So much so I would recommend it to my friends