Digestion, Stress, Sleep, Energy, Immunity

Best-Seller Pack

5 x 21 days - 86,30 € 107,50 €

Digestion, Stress, Sleep, Energy, Immunity

Best-Seller Pack

5 x 21 days - 86,30 € 107,50 €

  • 86,30 €
  • 107,50 €

1 Digestion jar + 1 Energy jar + 1 Sleep jar + 1 Stress jar + 1 Immunity jar

Recommended use

How many should I take?

2  per day

When should I take them?

Stress, Immunity: during the day

Digestion : before or after a meal

Energie: in the morning 

Sleep: 30 to 45 min before bed

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Why should I choose Les Miraculeux?

  • Healthy


    Our gummies created by nutrition experts are vegan, gluten-free, and contain 5 kcal per gummy.

  • Tasty


    We only use natural flavours for a delicious taste and a 100% plant-based gummy.

  • Effective


    Our gummies only contain reliable active ingredients, recognised for their benefits.

Our gummy formula

A perfect dose of vitamins and optimised nutrient absorption.

Vitamins and minerals

Our gummies only contain reliable active ingredients with known benefits.

Not tested on animals


Low in sugar

2 gummies contain just 2 g of sugar - the same amount as 1/4 of an apple.


We use fruit pectin, 
not animal gelatine.

Natural flavours and colourants

Fruit and plant based.


Stress gummies contain active ingredients that help fight stress and anxiety. They take GABA, a major inhibitory neurotransmitter, and combine it with Rhodiola to help the body fight infection, Hawthorn to combat anxiety and nervousness, and Vitamin B6, which plays an essential role in regulating the nervous system.

Our Digestion gummies contain a combination of 4 probiotic strains, specifically recognised for their beneficial action on gut flora, as well as extracts of Fennel and Black Caraway, to facilitate digestion and fight against digestive disorders that may occur after meals.

Our 100% non-addictive Sleep Gummies are designed to help you get better sleep. Melatonin, a natural sedative and sleep-regulating hormone, is paired with Lemon Balm and its recognised calmative properties, California Poppy to improve sleep quality and L-Theanine, which promotes a sense of well-being.

Our Energy Gummies combine Guarana, Ginseng, Goji Berry, Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex to significantly reduce fatigue and give you energy and vitality all day long.

Stress, Immunity, Energy

Take 2 gummies during the day


Take 2 gummies before or after a meal


Take 2 gummies 30 to 45 min before bed

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