Menopause Gummies

Menopause Double Pack

2 x 21 days - 42,50 € 45,80 €

Menopause Gummies

Menopause Double Pack

2 x 21 days - 42,50 € 45,80 €

  • 42,50 €
  • 45,80 €

Helps regulate hormonal activity

Reduces fatigue

Relieves the unpleasant symptoms of menopause

Recommended use

How many should I take?

2  per day

When should I take them?

Any time of day

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Why should I choose Les Miraculeux?

  • Healthy


    Our gummies created by nutrition experts are vegan, gluten-free, and contain 5 kcal per gummy.

  • Tasty


    We only use natural flavours for a delicious taste and a 100% plant-based gummy.

  • Effective


    Our gummies only contain reliable active ingredients, recognised for their benefits.

Our gummy formula

A perfect dose of vitamins and optimised nutrient absorption.

7 vitamins and minerals

Our gummies only contain reliable active ingredients with known benefits.

Not tested on animals

Low in sugar

2 gummies contain just 2 g of sugar - the same amount as 1/4 of an apple.


We use fruit pectin,
not animal gelatine.

Natural flavours and colourants




Kudzu is a plant containing isoflavones (phytoestrogens) which offset the drop in oestrogen levels caused by menopause.

Black cohosh

Black cohosh

Black cohosh is a plant recognised by the WHO for its effects on menopause-related hot flushes and sleep difficulties.



Sage is used to rebalance hormones, while its tannin content helps reduce excess sweating.



Iron can also reduce fatigue in women who are premenopausal or menopausal.

From the very first week

From the very first week

The intensity of hot flushes, night sweats and other discomforts decreases.

3 weeks and over

3 weeks and over

You feel with more energy, greater peace of mind and restored balance.

Nutritional information

Recommended dose: 2 gummies per day

Ingredients: wheat syrup - cane syrup - fructo-oligosaccharides - gelling agent: pectin - acidifying agent: citric acid - dried sage leaf (Salvia officinalis L.) extract - dried kudzu root (Pueraria montana var. lobata [Willd.] Sanjappa & Pradeep) extract - black carrot juice concentrate - ferric pyrophosphate - dried black cohosh root (Actaea racemosa L.) extract - natural flavour - DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) - sodium citrate - natural flavour - antioxidant: extract rich in tocopherols - glazing agent: carnauba wax, vegetable oils (contains coconut oil and rapeseed oil) and antioxidant: alpha-tocopherol - pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) - cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).


Our Menopause gummies are naturally flavoured with apple and blackcurrant, a unique fruity and deliciously refreshing taste.
Menopause gummies contain extracts of Sage, Black Cohosh and Kudzu, which are beneficial to the female hormonal balance, as well as vitamins and iron to reduce fatigue and regain well-being and balance.
You can take your 2 Menopause gummies at any time of the day.
The recommended duration is 21 days (equivalent to one box).
The Menopause treatment is effective from the first week: the active ingredients start to work and reduce your discomfort. After three weeks or more, you will feel calm and comfortable.
Our gummies have been specially designed for adults. This means that the Menopause Energy gummies can be enjoyed from the age of 18.
Of course, you can extend or repeat the treatment whenever you feel the need. If you take it continuously, we only recommend that you take a break of at least one month every six months.
Our Menopause gummies are not recommended for people with liver disease or for women with a personal or family history of breast cancer. If in doubt, we invite you to consult your doctor before taking our Menopause gummies.
The Menopause gummies contain Kudzu extracts titrated in isoflavones. Studies have shown that consumption of soy isoflavones by women over the age of 50 with a family history of breast cancer (first degree relative) may increase their risk of developing breast cancer. Although the cause and effect relationship has not been proven, as a precautionary measure, women with a personal or family history of breast cancer should not consume food supplements containing isoflavones.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Menopause Gummies 5*

I just started menopause Gummies they taste delicious so hopefully I will see results soon , all the best to the team
kind regards Elizabeth

Christa Keskikallio

Good taste, helps alot to prevent sweating!

Alison Galasso
They work!

What can I say but these promised to reduced my hot flashes and they worked in less than a week. Worth every penny.

Claudia Baekhave
I'm a fan!

I have tried several product claming to eliminate hot flushes, but these are the best. I

Linda Sheppard
Not a cure but it is a good help

I took these for 2 weeks before seeing a benefit and while they don’t fix my menopause problems they do help - it’s more manageable now.